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Mountain View Baptist Church was established October 12, 1986, under the leadership of Pastor Eric Tharp. Many lives were forever changed, souls were saved, and God blessed the humble beginnings of our church. After his oldest son, Eric, unexpectedly went to Heaven, Pastor Tharp felt moved to step down as pastor. After much prayer, Pastor Chad Correia became the new head pastor of Mountain View Baptist Church in 2005, and is still faithfully leading the church today.

God has greatly blessed our church with faithful church members, and because of this growth, Mountain View Baptist Church is currently in the process of building a new auditorium to more effectively reach the community of Holyoke and surrounding areas. We have outgrown our original auditorium, as well as needing more classrooms, a bigger nursery, youth room, kitchen, and more. Please be in prayer as we take on this project, and if you'd like to donate to our building fund, please click here.


Our desire is to see the people of our city and surrounding areas come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. We stand as a lighthouse for our community and believe this is a place in which you can call home. At Mountain View, there is a strong sense of family ties that binds us together in the unity of love and friendship. Our church is a place where people from all walks of life are finding joy and peace from the Lord and also through the building of relationships. As a church family, our goal is to connect with you, and to help you grow in God's Word and in the wonderful grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.


We believe in staying busy for God by serving in the many areas of the church and in our community. There's always something to do, or someone to help and encourage. We have weekly services, activities, and outreach ministries to fulfill the great commission of telling others the Gospel of Christ. There's a job for everyone at Mountain View Baptist Church!


Holyoke developed in the 19th century as the nation's first planned industrial community, at one time boasting the greatest paper production in the world. It's also known at the "Birthplace of Volleyball."

The city has a population just under 40,000, and with that, has the largest Puerto Rican population of any US city outside of Puerto Rico proper, at 44.7%. The city of Holyoke, as with any growing city, has seen an increase of crime, drugs, and violence over the years.

Our city is in desperate need of

a remedy - Jesus Christ! 

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